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We are located near London in the United Kingdom. Regional, national and virtual archives are within easy distance, and international archives are easily at hand via our research team on the ground.

About Us historytrace Director Dr Hannah Gill

historytrace Director – Dr Hannah Gill

I am academically trained in Jewish History at doctoral level and my work at historytrace showcases my expertise in the field of Jewish family and community histories, covering locations in the UK, North America and Australia, as well as locations in Central and Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, the Baltic and beyond.

I am a former language trainer and my language specialisms enable me to work with our network of mother-tongue research associates to carry out research wherever required in the relevant languages. I have a First Class Degree in German and Italian and specialise in translation and paleography, covering a wide range of languages used within Europe.

My fascination for finding details all began aged three looking for fossils on the beach. To sum me up I am passionate about helping clients find their family histories. I love getting to the bottom of conundrums. I am tenacious in my search for answers.

From archival research to publication, I work closely throughout the whole project cycle with clients. I deliver great attention to sources and detail and this brings the breakthroughs which enhance the outcomes of client projects, whether family or community history, multi-locational research or academic research support.

Map by John Pinkerton, "The World on Mercator's Projection" (London: Cadell and Davies, 1812). Source and copyright: David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

historytrace Associates

As clients’ historical family stories are based all over Europe, North America and Australia, historytrace has a large network of academically trained associates who can carry out archival research in the relevant country, providing additional research and translation services.