We provide professional and discreet historical research specialising in Jewish family history and multi-denominational family histories for international clients who cannot access their European family history due to language, location and time barriers. Our deep research enables you to find answers where others cannot.

Our expertise at historytrace covers locations in the UK, North America and Australia, as well as Central, Northern and Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, the Baltic and beyond.

Our language specialisms enable us to carry out research wherever required in the relevant languages. We have particular in-house expertise in research in former German language zones and Italian Jewish locations, and we carry out research and translations in more than 10 other European languages.

Whatever type of Jewish historical research you require, whether family or community history, multi-location research or academic research support, great attention to sources and detail brings the breakthroughs which make the difference. The director of historytrace is a former language trainer and academically trained in Jewish history at doctoral level.

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