Research Areas

Recent Research Areas

Examples of recent research projects we have completed:

  • Tracing all ancestral lines in Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, UK, USA and Australia, 17th century to present day.
  • Research to trace ancestors in PoznaƄ region of Poland, 18th to 20th century.
  • Research to find birth of siblings in 1930s Germany and trace Jewish ancestry in former German and Polish locations, 18th to 20th century.
  • Tracking birth family and grandparents in 19th and 20th century, UK.
  • Family history research to support Aliyah emigration to Israel, UK and Australia, 19th and 20th century, UK.
  • Investigation to locate birth parent, UK and North America.
  • Tracing all four ancestral lines in Lithuania, Poland, UK, and USA, 18th century to present day.
  • Research into family history in Latvia, UK, USA, and Australia, 19th century to present day.