Client testimonials on recent research projects

“Dr Hannah Gill accepted my assignment and completed it promptly with enthusiasm, thoughtful insights and a pragmatic respect for our budget. While inquiries into family history can be very open ended, she focused on what was most important to me. Her comments and report also suggested areas that might be fruitful for further research. She gave generously of her time and expertise in a manner that far exceeded the letter of our contract. I am happy to recommend historytrace to those who are seeking similar assistance in uncovering vital and missing information about their ancestors.” A. Fridkin, Massachusetts, USA

“Thanks for all your hard work.” D., Sydney, Australia

“I was trying to research my family history in pre-WWII and East Germany, in particular to trace close family members.
I received valuable information I would never have known had I not used this service which I can highly recommend.
We have gained information from the German authorities and a local contact was very helpful, supportive and knowledgeable when I made a visit to Germany.
Dr Gill has a wealth of local knowledge and contacts and she provides a highly professional service at all times.” J., Surrey, UK

“Dr Hannah Gill has been most helpful to me in tracing my grandfather.
It was great to find someone who was conversant with the appropriate archive material and who read Italian.
Without her I could not have found out the cause of his death and his burial place,
both of which I have been searching for for a long time.
Her charges were certainly reasonable.” M., Scotland, UK

“I came to Dr Hannah Gill to search for verification of names and places of origin of my mothers’ father and family who came from Lvov at a time of changing names, borders and the mass movement of folks. Her research reassured me of the validity of the material I had already gathered and took it as far as possible within the parameters we agreed on.
She also presented various options as to what would be involved to take certain paths further and the best order to do that,
having already explored the broad field as to what might lie ahead.
The work was for my mother who was in her 80’s and had a great significance to us all as a family to find names and places which had up to then been lost from the map.
The material was presented clearly and with annotations where other avenues could be taken.
Various expert contacts were used who could help with specialized areas such as cultural differences in recording data etc.
The fee was accurate and very reasonable for the research that was undertaken.” S. Rossiter, Kent, UK

“When researching my family tree I hit a brick wall with my great grandmother and grandfather. I visited historytrace with specific questions on how to move my research on and unlock some of the dead ends. I also hoped we could confirm that my research to date was accurate. Hannah went over my research to see if there were any errors or areas that needed developing. She analysed the certificates I had and pointed out a number of important pieces of information I had missed. She also directed me to possible new sources of family history information such as The British Newspaper Archive. Her extensive knowledge enabled me to leave with a new found momentum to continue my research and since my visit I have made a number of new discoveries. I would absolutely recommend historytrace’s services for anyone researching their family tree, especially if like me you had hit a dead end”. L, Hampshire, UK

“I wanted to establish whether there was a connection between my wife’s ancestors in Prussia and an event in Berlin
in the 1930’s. I had tried to do research myself but required Hannah’s skill with German records in particular.
Whilst there was a possible link we were not able to be conclusive without, perhaps, more distant research.
Our reasons for research had a possible basis and it was interesting to know the amount of information that exists if you have the expertise. I now feel that I have completed, to my satisfaction, research that my late wife wished to complete.
I would recommend using Hannah’s research services, in particular those that require access to foreign records.”
Geoff Swann, UK

“Hannah Gill is an excellent and experienced researcher with detailed knowledge of archival collections and genealogical resources in Britain and other parts of Europe.” Tobias Brinkmann, Penn State University, USA

“I initially contacted Dr Hannah Gill via the JGSGB website referral system for translators. In researching my family I needed some assistance in translating various German documents. However not only did she provide a very efficient and speedy translation service, she volunteered additional historical and contextual background information that was of great help in tracing more family details. I have asked for a number of different translations as progress is made and continually feel that she always takes a personal interest in my research and has time to deliver a very personal response. I would have no hesitation in recommending her and certainly would encourage the use of such a specialist as it can speed research up significantly.” Russell Eisen, London, UK

“I contacted Dr Hannah Gill through the JGSGB‘s Register of Professional Genealogical Researchers. From the first contact made, Hannah showed great interest, enthusiasm and willingness to help. During the work, she was able to analyse in a very proficient way the information that was sent to her, and to take that information and create a clear picture. Hannah showed a lot of respect for our requirements and was very compassionate in her approach. I enjoyed working with Hannah, and she provided the best results within our budget limit.” RS, Israel