historytracings – Inaugural Blogpost

In this 10th anniversary of historytrace we would like to inaugurate our historytracings blog.


We hope to bring you a range of postings and articles in categories such as:

  • RYO (research your own) – family history research guidance
  • Archival Rummagings – notes from the archives
  • Arts, Media and Technology – historical research and history related articles
  • Historical Notes – history and research notes from our research locations
  • Location, Urban Physiography and Built Heritage – articles on places
  • Research Institutions and Archival Collections – assorted news and information
  • Genealogical Websites – updates and new features
  • Notable Moments – events and occasions past and present
  • Local Notes – local historical notes from the Hampshire / Surrey / Berkshire borders
  • Thursday Thoughts – reflections on the search for one’s family history and other topics

If something you read inspires you to trace your own family story, a family business or the history of a former place of residence or community and Historytrace could help to you in this quest, then please do get in touch using the Contact page of our website.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Clients are kindly requested to contact us directly with questions or comments about ongoing and past research projects.

It will in due course be possible to post comments for moderation on our blog postings.

Ed., historytrace, 09/12/2015

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